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Lezing en Masterclass

Lecture &

Simone Ritter is pleased to share her expertise on creativity, innovation, and human behaviour through an inspiring lecture or a masterclass.

Inspiring Lecture

In an inspiring lecture, we introduce the principles of 'creative problem-solving’. Besides diving into the psychology of creativity and innovation, experience is key. You will discover your own patterns in thinking and behaviour that keep you stuck, and you will learn how to easily come up with new ideas through creative thinking techniques and hands-on exercises. This forty-five-minute lecture will be full of inspiration and state-of-the-art knowledge that you can directly apply to your own work activities.



In a masterclass, we are happy to share our knowledge about creativity, innovation, and resistance to innovation and change. Don't expect a dry talk, but an interactive session.

The content and duration of the masterclass can be tailored to your wishes.


For prices and availability, please contact us.

Delen kennis creativiteit en innovatie
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