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VR-supported Program
'Room for Innovation'

With our Virtual Reality (VR) supported program ‘Room for Innovation’, we help organizations in finding innovative solutions for complex challenges and in developing innovation skills. Science-based, efficient and pioneering.


Is your organization facing a complex challenge? Examples could be social innovation, product development, exploring new markets, or various issues related to organizational change. Then we are pleased to provide support. With a science-based and distinctive approach, we will work with your team towards novel ideas and innovative solutions.

In the VR-supported program we combine creative thinking techniques and powerful VR technology
to optimally guide teams in the process of finding innovative solutions for a concrete challenge.
By emphasizing both individual performance and collective team dynamics, we ensure a comprehensive approach to problem-solving. Scientifically grounded creative thinking techniques and inspiring virtual environments are employed at crucial stages in the problem-solving process to boost imagination and stimulate the creative mind.

In addition to finding innovative solutions for the current challenge, our program equips your organization with enhanced creative thinking skills and innovation potential, which are vital to flourish in our complex and fast changing world.

Our pioneering VR-supported program has been developed to optimally facilitate a problem-solving process and is also suitable for implementation within educational programs aimed at developing the
21st century skills ‘creative thinking' and 'problem-solving’.

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