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Procesfacilitatie Programma

Process facilitation PROGRAM

For whom?

Organizations that struggle with a complex challenge and are seeking expert guidance in finding innovative solutions. With our VR-supported program, which has been developed to optimally facilitate a problem-solving process, we work with your team towards novel ideas and concrete solutions. We do this by means of a structured, efficient, and science-based process.


How will you benefit?

In addition to finding innovative solutions for the current challenge, participating in our
VR-supported program enhances the professional development of your team and the innovation potential of your organization. We focus on the drivers and barriers of creativity, you will learn how to use creative thinking techniques, and we provide science-based insights that help you successfully navigate future creative problem-solving processes.

What does the program look like?

We start with a powerful inspiration boost. Here, we introduce you to the psychology of creativity and innovation, and make you aware of your own entrenched patterns in the way you think and act. 

Next, we work with your team to find concrete solutions for the specific problem that you have brought forward. We pay extensive attention to an ‘idea expedition’, in which your team is stimulated to come up with novel ideas. This is achieved by using effective creative thinking techniques. We take you step-by-step through the process of expanding beyond the ‘zone of familiarity’ to explore new possibilities. At crucial stages in this process, we use VR technology to stimulate imagination and stretch the creative mind.


Subsequently, we move towards identifying the most promising solutions. This phase also deserves extensive attention given the underlying challenging psychological mechanisms and group processes. Much creative potential is lost because people naturally tend to choose familiar and safe options. Courage is needed to successfully select the most promising solutions. We utilize powerful VR technology to optimally shape the idea selection process.

The harvesting of ideas and selection of the most promising solutions occur at both individual and group levels to optimally utilize the group’s diversity and creative potential. The five virtual spaces we have developed are explored by participants at crucial moments in the problem-solving process throughout the program. Our virtual environments are based on scientific insights and serve to promote the creative process by addressing important aspects at cognitive, emotional, and behavioural levels.

The optimal team size is between 6 and 12 participants. For larger groups, we recommend a customized approach.

The VR-supported program for optimal facilitation of a problem-solving process is offered as a one-day program, but it can also be integrated into a prolonged innovation or transition trajectory.

If you have questions about our VR-supported program or the associated costs, please contact us.

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Scientific insights and advanced VR technology are used to optimally facilitate the problem-solving process.

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