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Train de Trainer

THE trainer

Are you involved in innovation processes? And do you want to support organizations
in finding innovative solutions for a complex challenge by means of an efficient and
science-based approach?


Is your organization interested in in-company training of employees to use our innovative
VR-supported program for complex challenges within the company?


Then our 2-day training course, developed and provided by Simone Ritter, may be a suitable option. The training includes a combination of solid theory and concrete tools to successfully apply our VR-supported program ‘Room for Innovation’ within organizations.

You will gain insight into the structure of the VR-supported program, the cognitive thinking processes in the different phases of a problem-solving process, and how these processes can be efficiently stimulated. We will also elaborate on the theory behind our virtual environments, what these accomplish, and in what order these should be explored to achieve the most efficient result. In addition, we will focus on important psychological processes underlying creativity and innovation and provide insight how to optimally boost individual and group performance.

Upon completion of the training course, you will receive an ‘ACT– Room for Innovation’ certificate that authorizes the use of our VR-supported program.

We work with licenses for the use of the VR application.


After completing the training course, you will have access to our science-based and innovative
VR-supported program to efficiently guide organizations in finding solutions for complex challenges. This enhances your competitive edge as a professional and allows you to actively contribute to the innovation potential of organizations.


If you have questions about the training course, the upcoming training days for 2024, or the associated costs, please contact us.

Dates for in-company training can be agreed upon in consultation.

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