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Wetenschappelijke Expertise


Many existing methods to foster creativity fall short when measured against to state-of-the-art scientific insights. Given the crucial role of creativity in an organization's capacity for innovation, it is essential to ensure that our creative efforts are not misguided by lay theories that are only partially correct or even entirely false.

The key to navigating complex challenges lies in redefining the way we think and act. We need to expand beyond the familiar and explore new opportunities. Scientific evidence has shown that finding innovative solutions is not magic, but relies on a structured process. At each step in this process, we may encounter obstacles that hinder our ability to think creatively, such as bias in information processing, certain emotions, and deeply rooted patterns in thinking and behaviour.

With our extensive scientific expertise and long-standing experience, we know how to overcome these barriers, and what works to foster creativity and innovation.


We distinguish ourselves by:


In-depth scientific knowledge: More than 15 years of scientific research on creativity, innovation and behavioural change. The creative thinking techniques we use in our program are based on insights from psychology and neuroscience, and have been scientifically tested for effectiveness.


Leading in technology: More than 15 years of experience in designing and programming
science-based VR environments.

Experienced in translating science to practice: More than 10 years of experience in developing and providing various successful training and education programs focused on creative thinking and behavioural change.


Finding innovative solutions for complex challenges is not a talent, it is a way of thinking and acting that we can activate and learn.

ACT VR Training
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