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Ontwikkeling Innovatievaardigheden

Innovation Skills

Our pioneering VR-supported program is well-suited for implementation in training trajectories, both within educational institutions and organizations, that wish to focus on developing the 21st century core skills ‘creative thinking' and 'problem-solving’. 

Creative thinking and problem-solving are important 21st-century skills that are crucial in our rapidly changing world. The best way to develop these skills is through experiential learning. In our training, participants are guided through the VR-supported program addressing either a current challenge or a fictional case, and they experience step by step how to successfully navigate a problem-solving process. Throughout the learning process, we take ample time for reflection and provide practical tools. This will help to recognize entrenched patterns in thinking and behaviour, how to overcome these barriers, how to foster creative thinking, and how to efficiently shape a problem-solving process. Creative thinking and problem-solving are essential for both professional and personal development, and they contribute to progress, growth, and success in today's dynamic world.

The VR-supported program, with extensive reflection and practical tools, is available from
a 2-day program.

We are open to discuss customizing this program to tailor your needs.


Developing innovation skills through
experiental learning with VR technology.

ACT VR training
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