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An overview of the most relevant scientific publications from the founder and co-owner of ACT VR-supported Training Programs, Simone Ritter, and her co-authors can be found below.



How do we generate innovative ideas? How do you get people into the right mindset for ‘out of the box’ problem-solving?

The publications listed below present the results of techniques/methods that have been tested for their effectiveness to promote creative thinking.


Simply generating ideas is not sufficient. We must also be capable of identifying and selecting the most promising ideas. However, our performance in this context often does not exceed what would be expected based on chance alone, thereby risking the loss of significant creative potential.

The following publications explore how we can optimally shape the evaluation and selection of ideas.


The following publications are relevant to the role of VR in stimulating creative thinking styles.



Below are publications of developed training programs that have been scientifically tested for their effectiveness.


General publication regarding lay theories in creativity.

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